Exclusive service for the clients wishing to invest in hotel / resort in Seychelles

One member of our team has solid experience in tourism. Being the owner of travel company dedicated to Seychelles destination the specialist has exclusive knowledge of this market.

What does it mean:

– experience in collaboration and professional knowledge of hotels from 5* to 2*, concept, price policy, special offers, seasons, occupancy, marketing, estimation of cuisine level, what complications the hotel was / is / might be   facing, what success factors exist.  Everything is in practice, not in theory.

There are hotels which have 100% occupancy 365 days per year being located not in the best places and on the contrary there are prime location properties with lack of tourists.

– knowledge of the history of development of many resorts, how the situation was changing during the years.
For example, why at the beginning the situation was difficult in the resort. What efforts were done, thanks to what actions and know-how it was changed etc
On the contrary: where the situation was great but after certain actions it became worse and  previous 4 or 5 star level became 3 or even 2 star and why it happened.

– deep knowledge of clients needs, wishes, expectations, keeping in touch after coming back, getting feedback from each guest, including VIPs arriving on private jets.
Understanding of clients requirements from different markets, which markets prefer which hotels and why and what is very important to take in consideration by the hotel / resort.

– by knowing all picture and by uniting all above the specialist has a lot of personal ideas: what might be changed, improved, what the clients expect to experience from certain category of the hotel on certain island! There is certain difference.

For example if the clients is paying 100 euros per night (for example), or 300, or 500, or 1000 – 2000 or 4000-5000 euros per night. Expectations and reality.

These  knowledges and experience might be very helpful for the investor in the process of creating of new hotel / resort in Seychelles.

The details of mutual collaboration may be discussed after request.

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