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Investment in Venezuelan real estate market

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For a long time and with great interest I explored possibilities, compared information from different sources, searched for ways to figure out and shape conclusions about the Venezuelan real estate market. After contacting dozens of real estate companies, both local and international, communicating with independent real estate consultants possessing a wide network of contacts, analysis […]

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About jealousy

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One of the first phrases that comes to mind at the mention of jealousy is: “Jealous means love.” And in this way a certain indulgence is written out, giving a positive color to this phenomenon. And if a person is not jealous – does this mean that he/she is indifferent? Let’s look at the definition […]

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Institution of family in different times

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The institution of family has changed through its own Maslow’s heirarchy, spiral dynamics and the evolution of debt. 10 thousand years BC: People in the cave are united in a couple or a polygamous community in order to survive everyday, mundane challenges and save themselves from the saber-toothed tiger. Middle Ages: Marriage is a union […]

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