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About jealousy

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One of the first phrases that comes to mind at the mention of jealousy is: “Jealous means love.” And in this way a certain indulgence is written out, giving a positive color to this phenomenon. And if a person is not jealous – does this mean that he/she is indifferent? Let’s look at the definition […]

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“Even an angel can easily find a flaw. Instead, try to get the devil his best side to yourself. ” Some residents of beautiful Medellin city continue to sacredly keep Pablo Escobar’s briefs at home as a souvenir. Wealthy tourists purposefully go to distant lands, willingly pay from 700 euros per night in order to […]

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My top 3 beloved places in StPete

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Frequently asked question : what are my top 3 beloved places in StPete? ☀️ ☂ 1. St.Isaac square with a cup of coffee in Astoria or “Happiness” overlooking St.Isaac Cathedral 🏛 2. Petrogradskaya site, Peter & Paul fortress with a long walk 💃 3. Repino with its fresh air, pine trees and relaxing working process […]

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