Villa 214

Villa 214

From conversations with regular travelers:

 – Sunset or sunrise? How are you going to choose another villa this time, and what kind would you like?

   – We want only 214! Let’s see how our favorite flower bush has grown. And we ask that the same butler accompanies us.

Mon Palais de Solitude *

* One of the musical compositions that will play in your villa and then in your consciousness, reuniting you with the energy of Maia from anywhere in the world, in any circumstances, and with any mood.

About Maia Luxury Resort & Spa.

Established in 2006, having long been born in the Seychelles, it continues their beautiful procession for thousands of miles.

It may not be difficult to write about the Seychelles, in general, but words to describe the beauty of Maia are especially difficult to write.

And it’s not just because the author wants this material to have as little resemblance to advertising as possible.**

** Maia has not needed advertising for a long time. You can get tired and bored of reading four sheets of small printed material with a list of awards, prizes, and entry to the top of the best luxury hotels in the world.

In Maia, they live with such sensations, the effect of which is incredibly difficult to write about. That’s how it happens: I’ve experienced it myself and want the reader to be given at least some sense of it. And at your disposal, only an electronic sheet of paper, a keyboard, and a monitor.

Regular guests at Maia came to a playful conclusion that the resort’s gardens are sprinkled with some mysterious substances. 🙂 Otherwise, how can it be explained that it’s here? These questions have hung in the air for years. Complex tasks magically solve themselves. Energy is restored 5-7 times faster than anywhere else.

From the traveler’s impressions: “I took 28 flights and traveled 55,000 miles in 2 months. In Maia, one day after fatigue, the trail was cold, and a place for new impressions appeared from nowhere. But on the smartphone’s memory card, it quickly declined. 🙂 I’m ready to repeat the tour on a new one.” 

50 shades of Aquamarine*

* Composition Aquamarine returns to the Seychelles even from -24 degrees or foggy London.

The first travelers we have always ask to book only at Maia and stubbornly stand their ground on that. They travel only to Maia, flatly refuse to consider any alternative, resist the temptation to try other resorts, and listen to the rustle of other palms, even if the palms do not grow in Maia.

Others addicted to the Seychelles in the first, third or tenth times (sometimes the twentieth or more times) are trying to successfully, and the main thing is to quickly answer the question, “Where are we going this time?”

They look at photographs for a long time. All of them almost always look beautiful to them. Think about the different concepts in your mind, trying to connect them with what you want this time because even in food, sometimes you want an ordinary juicy burger instead of salad with shrimps and arugula (I guess the taste for a hotel is more complicated than in the case of food).

Learn where the beach will be smaller and from where it’s locally possible to quickly get to the morning fishing for marlinas.

The third category of tourists traveling only to private islands is being convinced that only there is it possible to achieve complete privacy and solitude. Literally, they’re looking down from the helicopter at Mahe, and with condescension.

Such guests are not easily convinced to combine Maia with Fregate, Nord, or, for example, Cousine Island. However, we always have a diplomatic discussion with the guests about how not to disdain the “ordinary” Mahe island. Note the wording ‘at your own peril and risk’. But the result makes people happier, showing the Seychelles from a new perspective, in particular, the faces of the peninsula on which Maia stretches, which they have not seen anywhere else. Therefore, we continue to encourage them and win them over.

In Maia, boring and bad can only be paparazzi because the chance of facing someone in the hotel is minimal. The terrain is designed in such a way that even if all 30 villas are 100% occupied; it seems that you are completely alone here. Even on the beach.

Whatever you say it’s alright

Whatever you do it’s all good*


*«Whatever, Whenever, Wherever» (concept of Maia).

Surely the reader has already looked at the website of the resort. But if not, there is plenty of time.


30 villas with an area of ​​250 sq.m. Each with a fantastic, panoramic view. Another villas are right on the beach, which is especially enjoyed by the traveling visitors in big company or family.

An astonishing waterfall in the infinity pool.

A huge bathroom on the terrace, a stunning view from the bathroom “for him and for her.”

Hermes accessories in each villa.

The butler assigned to the guests is a magician; endowed with the ability to appear just in time, disappear, read minds, and the ability to surprise even those who have forgotten what it’s like to be surprised!

The daily schedule is determined only by the guest. Schedules, calendars, and alarm clocks lose their relevance just as a cabriolet does on the streets of St. Petersburg in December.

Diving is free.

The spa-center includes exclusive cosmetics by Omorovicza (represented only by Maia in the Indian Ocean). A training school in Bali has developed a series of massages specifically for Maia.

The establishment is “more than all-inclusive.” There are more than 20 wines, 30 drinks, and 5 dinner menus plus an option for an individual menu. The kitchen is at ‘a fine arts’ level.

The musical compositions are selected in such a way that, also in an offline mode, the melody of Maia continues playing for a long time in your consciousness, reinvigorating the energy of the days spent there again and again.

Regarding reservations, the hotel periodically changes special offers, such as early booking, free helicopter flights, and much more. All surprises are not immediately seen, some may await your visit! 

The price of the issue – talk about a relaxation period of living, numbers on a calculator, comparing costs, and the result obtained in the mind of the reader, we can provide an example. One visitor at Maia created an idea, which increased the company’s capitalization by 5.7 times.

Because the price, in this case, is a very relative concept. How can you put a price on emotional health and well-being, life-harmony, and the way of reuniting with the most important – with yourself? This is priceless and simple. And only 10 hours flight from Moscow or one of many European capitals. And no jetlag.

PS: In this article, everything is based on real events. We changed only the number 214 because we promised the travelers we’d keep the number of their favorite villa a secret :)

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