The Bell from the Titanic and Fiery Clouds

* or thoughts of the passenger from the Mahe – Doha flight QR 679 *

People are born and die. Come into our lives and leave. Time flows on its own accord. Such things stay with us forever and exude a special kind of energy.

The owner of this bell is a fascinating conversationalist, a walking encyclopedia (from interpretations of the Bible quotes to the history of Formula 1 races), an observer of life, and a man eager to study absolutely everything that surrounds him. He is also a collector and it is important to mention that his father was born in 1912.

The history of this bell’s acquisition from the Titanic won’t be able to fit into one message, quickly typed by an exhausted passenger on an equally exhausted filled to capacity iPhone that was tired of taking pictures and had to be cleaned from the sand. I will only say that a man had to go to great lengths in order to buy this thing.

Human life is so short and fragile. It is really (and beyond measure) a shame to spend it on something that doesn’t make us happy and waste time with someone with whom it will be difficult to live side-by-side.

The illusion of thinking and hoping that you have your whole life ahead of you is dangerous. For all intents and purposes, there is nothing up ahead, there is only here and now (the more cliché and beaten the expression is, the more we keep forgetting it, because we think we understood its meaning and grasped its obviousness. The truth is, we didn’t understand a thing, otherwise there would be more happy people in the world).

I decided to include and listen to this short video (or look at the photo, which is exactly the case now, as Instagram can’t load a video that is shorter than 3 seconds, but you can find it on Facebook) every time I need to pull myself together and instantly remind myself that all this bustle, this race for no good reason and in the name of God knows what, these toxic people draining my energy, and misplaced worries will attempt to lead me astray and disrupt my inner and outer harmony.

What am I afraid of? Not having enough time to do everything that I’ve planned for myself and all that I may want to do in the future – until the last bell rings. Memento mori. For many Titanic passengers, on the night of 1912 that ringing happened to be their last. Why is it not scary to think and write about it? Especially at the end of a fantastic journey? Because 11 letters * memento mori * turn the thoughts around to such a bright side, that one start to appreciate every moment of life and become fond of things that were previously hated. For example, cold, wind, snow, and low gray sky, these are the things towards which a sad passenger flies in the night semidarkness of an aircraft cabin at a speed of 900 km / h.

*in my earphones “Heather Nova “Aquamarine (Chris Coco s Balearica Mix)*

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