Owning a private island in Seychelles: is it a dream or reality?

When people read or hear that there is private island for sale in Seychelles islands, usually the first thought coming to the mind is: «Definitely it costs a fortune and this is something beyond the dream».

However, let us look at this from another angle. How much may cost the island which is available for purchase?

Same price as:

  • 4 – 5 villas at Eden island (with 4 or 5 bedrooms)


  • 12 apartments or 3 villas in Nice, Cote d’Azur (top location)


  • one panoramic view penthouse in Miami (with 5 bedrooms)


  • 20 apartments in Moscow (more or less central location, no luxury)


  • 8 apartments in Dubai Marina (5 bedrooms)

Of course, we display the ratio very approximately because every property is unique. The choice of the buyer depends on many reasons: place of constant living, personal preferences and goals, lifestyle, number of family members, etc.

However, we would like to give the idea that the dream is realistic to implement. And you will have the whole island with several villas or elegant boutique hotel. Total privacy, no neighbors. And all this is relatively close to main infrastructure of the islands.

It is possible to create additional harbor for big yachts.
Amazing beach with access to the lagoon with perfect swimming conditions.
The offer is unique, and it does not have analogues.

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