Mini business plan for investor interested to buy hotel in Seychelles

If you are looking to invest in a hotel property in the Seychelles, but still cannot solve the issue of on-site management, as well as marketing and coordination of all processes, we can offer you a solution!

First of all, in our portfolio we have the property for reconstruction, with 6 bedrooms and ensuite bathrooms, located on the most popular beach of Mahe Island. The property has great potential.Asking price is 4 500 000 USD + 300 000 Euro is planned for turn key reconstruction. 

Occupancy can be up to 90% per year or more, since the location of the property is one of the most wanted by tourists from different countries. 
Room rate can be 200 euros per night (+ – ) depending on medium, low or high season and special offers.

200 euros * 365 nights = 73,000 euro.In case of 70% occupancy (for example) – it turns out 51 100 euros gross from one room. Taxes around 15%, current expenses, salaries, etc have to be considered and accountant may provide detailed business plan. 

There are also another properties for sale but this one we consider to be one of the best and rare existing on the market. 

– We have a professional with experience 25+ years based in Seychelles who can coordinate management in destination.

– In addition we have a team of experienced marketers working in different countries, who are able to turn the hotel into one of the most popular in the Seychelles. It can be agreed that this team with work for % from sales knowing Seychelles very well and being motivated to achieve the best results. 
If you are interested to discuss such opportunity, please contact us

  +7 921 314 69 28 (whatsapp) +248 282 49 29 (viber)

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