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القصة التي تحكي كيف غير طفل صغير العالم إلى الأفضل


يميل الناس إلى الانتظار لبعض الشروط الخاصة من أجل اتخاذ أي خطوة: غالبًا ما تبدو اللحظة غير مثالية ، هناك نقص في الخبرة أو الوقت ، العمر غير مناسب ، تتداخل الظروف الشخصية ،   تنشأ شكوك حول القدرات ، أفكار مثل «كم هنالك من مشاكل في العالم وكيف يمكنني تغيير شيء ما؟ سأؤجل خطتي […]

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About jealousy

LifeTatiana's QuotesБез рубрики

One of the first phrases that comes to mind at the mention of jealousy is: “Jealous means love.” And in this way a certain indulgence is written out, giving a positive color to this phenomenon. And if a person is not jealous – does this mean that he/she is indifferent? Let’s look at the definition […]

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About decision makers

LifeNot Sand Castles

About decision makers or why sometimes business owners clutch their heads and good job seekers cannot obtain the vacancy they absolutely deserve. The post of one of my favorite and well-known bloggers (let’s call him A.), and especially the comments that unfolded under it, made it so that I could not pass via this topic […]

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Narcissist: who he really is?

DolcezzaLifeTatiana's Quotes

Narcissism is an accentuation of character in which a person displays arrogant behavior and excessive vanity. Narcissism has a negative color because the narcissistic personality type is very difficult to get along with, not only with surrounding people, but also with yourself. Complacency and confidence in their exclusivity lead such a person, more often than […]

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Villa 214

AeromaniaDolcezzaLifeNot Sand CastlesSeychelles

Villa 214 From conversations with regular travelers:  – Sunset or sunrise? How are you going to choose another villa this time, and what kind would you like?    – We want only 214! Let’s see how our favorite flower bush has grown. And we ask that the same butler accompanies us. Mon Palais de Solitude […]

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