About ingenious photos

I have long wondered what lies at the crux of a one-of-a-kind photograph. How can it be that some photos seemingly depicting nothing to write home about still manage to capture our attention and become ingrained in our memories forever?

While other pictures that are flawless from technical and conceptual points of view, just don’t get under our skin like that. What’s interesting, we can be looking at two identical photos. How is that possible?

A sensational shot is obtained when a photographer succeeds in externalizing the same emotion and of the same magnitude that he experienced when he created the photo.

I do not consider myself a photographer; I just like to capture every possible moment of my life on camera.
This photograph was taken by accident. A moment later the girl got embarrassed and left, but just for a second I had a chance to try to experience life in Dubrovnik just the way she did.

And what do you like to photograph most?

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