About decision makers

About decision makers or why sometimes business owners clutch their heads and good job seekers cannot obtain the vacancy they absolutely deserve.

The post of one of my favorite and well-known bloggers (let’s call him A.), and especially the comments that unfolded under it, made it so that I could not pass via this topic indifferently.

A. wrote that he always personally checks emails and CVs of people who want to work in his company. How happy I was for the applicants who send their resumes knowing that it will definitely reach decision maker! Here below it will not be discussion regarding something like HR, secretaries or assistant managers do a bad job: completely different people can be there.

For clarity, I will give a real example. My Swiss friends, the shareholders of a financial company, were looking for an employee. And it happened that during almost 2 months no candidates expressed the interest in this position, although the vacancy was beautiful as a Spanish sunny day and attractive in all meanings: the salary of 8,000 CHF a month and with bonuses up to 11,000 CHF, plus the company was ready to rent the apartment for the specialist from another region.

Ads was published at all possible HR resources. But there was no result. I noticed this and being a curious and initiative creature and I decided to help my friends by posting an ad on a popular Russian-Swiss forum. And what turned out to be the key to this story: I posted it with my personal email, and not with the email of the assistant of director as it had to be done. And suddenly I began to receive CVs from different people, one of whom belonged to a specialist who was ideally suited to obtain this vacancy. After the interview he was hired and the problem was solved during 8 days. 👌

What happened next?

Three months later the assistant to the general director was fired (let’s call her K.), and in her inbox about 200 CVs of people were found. She simply was hiding them because of the fears (and risk) that someone more hard-working, talented and handsome would take her place. And what is even more painful in this story: K. obtained her job in this company by recommendation. Better not to imagine what was feeling the person who had recommended her! 🤦

Many years ago I was job seeker and I know what means being in this shoes. Due to good intuition I felt such things in advance and always looked for ways to reach decision maker directly because my CV simply could not be delivered to the desk of the person who was really waiting for it 😎

What is the picture:

– owners of companies are getting their heads handed to them from the task and problem, where and how to find really good specialists (this happens everywhere). 🤦

– not all smart, talented and hardworking specialists can reach decision makers. Impressive CV is not enough very often. Self-marketing (the ability to present and «to sell» yourself) is also needed and not everyone has this skill + combination with perseverance. And sometimes there is also the lack of luck.

– Many people do not want to give recommendations, even having serious connections among business owners. Because a recommendation can turn into an even bigger problem in the future and ruin a personal relationship (like it happened in our case). Nobody wants this.

The author of this post was on different sides of the situation and knows it perfectly: I was a job seeker, I am the owner of a company, and I personally and well know many managers and decision makers (from the smallest business to companies that manage assets of 600 million euros, for example) from different fields of activity in Russia, Europe, USA and in the wide geography of the world. 🌎

I decided to try to help people who have experience and / or talent, but who do not have enough marketing and connections. If you are a person who is faced with a similar situation and you are reading this post now, please send me information about you and CV by email.

At a time when you sit and get upset about the fact that it’s impossible to resolve this professional issue, there’s definitely a decision maker sitting somewhere, who tears hair on his head because he simply cannot find you!

Appeal to all others: if you know such people, please send them my contacts or simply forward this post!

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