Criticism vs Praise


“No, just tell me what’s wrong? Did your tourists miss a plane? What can I do?” I have a wonderful overseas friend and colleague. The description of her personality traits deserves a separate story if not a book, but in keeping with today’s topic it goes like this: I just decided to up and write […]

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The magic of marketing accessible to everyone


Nowadays, so many materials and heated discussions of different connotations are dedicated to questions like: how to increase business profitability index, how to sell more, how to attract customers, how to analyze sales funnels and customize their channels, how to master neuromarketing in a month, how to delegate authority, how to motivate staff, how to […]

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Armor for the soul

Cubes and Balls

I had a question from one of my readers: “How do you manage to push yourself to go to the gym so often? Have you always been in such a great shape or was it a result of grueling workouts?” The answer could serve as a conversation starter for at least 10 late-night talks. For […]

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